Welding Sets

Large diesel 500 amp welders

Our large industrial Type 500A diesel welders are suitable for heavy construction, structural steel, maintenance and repair of rigs, mining, process piping and sheet metal. Processes include stick, mig and submerged arc welding. Multi-coloured process selector controls allow quick and easy process changes without having to use multiple switches. The 14-pin remote control allows for precise adjustment of amperage or voltage without the need to return to the machine.

Electric tig welders

Our smaller inverter based electric tig welders (with DC power source) have a state of the art operator interface allowing the user extra set-up capabilities in a compact machine. They are suitable for a variety of applications in oil and gas fabrication, aerospace, food and beverage production, mechanical contracting, pressure vessel manufacturing and shipboard installation and repair. All units are 250A (at 30 VDC) or 200A (at 28 VDC) with a weight of only 39kg.


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